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Map Functions

  • Click and hold your mouse anywhere on the map to manually drag your view to another area. Use two fingers to adjust on mobile devices.
  • Zoom in and out with the + / – controls in the bottom right, and take the map into “full screen” mode by clicking the box in the top right.
  • Click any pin on the map to display more info. The popup window that appears can be closed by clicking the x icon in the top right.

Map Key

  • Each pin on the map represents the location of a UBC Training Center in North America.
  • Each Training Center location’s pin on the map is color coded by its corresponding UBC Regional Council.
  • Clicking a pin displays a popup window with more location info. The “Learn More” link shown in this window opens the Regional Council’s page to get more details and find additional info for Training Centers.

"The advantage that our contractors have with the uniform training program at the Hammonton Training Center, is that they know the level of skill they are going to be getting when they call the hall and say they need a pile driver."

Jack Kocsis, JR, CEO, ACCNJ

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