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From heavy highways to offshore wind, UBC Pile Drivers can be found performing the kind of mission-critical work that keeps the world connected. UBC Pile Drivers get extensive training to build expertise in driving, drilling and shoring on land, offshore, below the surface or at great heights.

UBC Pile Drivers running cables

A Special Focus on Safety

There is no substitute for solid attention to safety, and the UBC believes a safe worksite is achieved only by comprehensive training for every UBC Pile Driver and Diver on every project. Our members must complete and achieve mastery of a variety of health and safety training programs

UBC Diver descending ladder into water

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"My visit to the Piledrivers trade-school was a great experience. It was outstanding to see 'real world' training techniques being used. Having the apprentices working around Piledriving equipment and materials in this environment is crucial for safety, troubleshooting, being in different weather, noise and just a great general sense of some of different situations that will be presented to them on a daily basis in the field. Without a doubt I believe this training gives the contractors a great advantage using trained Union Piledrivers."

Kris Tolfsen, Senior Superintendent, Clark Construction

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