Ensure the Highest Levels of Safety and Productivity on Your Next Project

Thanks to rigorous training in state-of-the-art facilities, UBC Pile Drivers are recognized as the best-trained and most-prepared workforce for any foundation project in any location. Whether we work in the offshore wind industry off North America’s coasts or the surging heavy highway projects needed throughout America, our standardized training ensures that every pile driver possesses the same superior skills.

Mission-Critical Work in Building North America

From marine construction to renewables like offshore wind, UBC Pile Drivers can be found throughout the United States and Canada. Here’s a sampling of our areas of expertise.

Core Capabilities

  • Concrete Form Systems
  • Concrete Form Systems
  • Bridge Building
  • Welding
  • Layout
  • Equipment Usage and Maintenance
  • Tool Safety and Maintenance
  • Rigging
  • Material Handling
  • Cutting and Burning

Safety Training Programs

  • OSHA 30 (Construction — U.S.)
  • Construction Safety Training System (CSTS — Canada)
  • First Aid; CPR; AED; Bloodborne Pathogens Construction Fall Protection
  • Scaffold Qualification (U.S.)
  • Confined Space
  • Hazard Communication and Chemical Safety
  • Mobile Elevated Work Platforms Operator Qualification
  • Powered Industrial Truck Operator
  • Rigger and Signaler

Quality Work. Competitive Cost. Consistent Results.


Superior productivity is guaranteed with pile drivers from the United Brotherhood of Carpenters. Contractors who employ UBC Pile Drivers have access to unlimited, ongoing training for any project, and an experienced workforce that gets the big picture: When the project is successful, everyone benefits.


Starting with pre-project conferences to outline the scope, workforce needs, and scheduling, our contractors keep lines of communication open throughout the life of a project. And we adjust work schedules around peak production hours to keep projects on time while your production doesn’t miss a beat.


At the core of every training course and on the minds of every jobsite crew is safety. A safe work site is achieved only by comprehensive training for every pile driver on every project. That’s why our members must complete and achieve mastery of a full line of health and safety training courses.


The UBC’s International Training Center is an unparalleled state-of-the-art facility where pile drivers hone their knowledge and skills in classrooms and real-life jobsite scenarios. Our training protocols ensure that UBC Pile Drivers are trained to standards that produce the same highly skilled labor regardless of industry or location.

"My visit to the Piledrivers trade-school was a great experience. It was outstanding to see 'real world' training techniques being used. Having the apprentices working around Piledriving equipment and materials in this environment is crucial for safety, troubleshooting, being in different weather, noise and just a great general sense of some of different situations that will be presented to them on a daily basis in the field. Without a doubt I believe this training gives the contractors a great advantage using trained Union Piledrivers."

Kris Tolfsen, Senior Superintendent, Clark Construction

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