Unrivaled Training Programs

Training is the backbone of all UBC Pile Drivers and Divers. They may work in different disciplines and at different jobsites, but UBC Pile Drivers are known as the most highly trained workforces in the business. That means mastery of the latest industry trends. That means knowledge of the latest industry tools. And that means adhering to the most stringent safety measures. Our training is continuously upgraded and expanded to keep pace with evolving jobsite needs.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our 1.2 million-square-foot International Training Center in Las Vegas is the largest and most comprehensive facility of its kind in the world. At this campus, UBC Pile Drivers expand both their craft and their leadership skills working hands on and in classrooms.

It’s a thriving testament to the UBC’s commitment to skills development and productivity, and to building strength as a union and an industry partner.

United Brotherhood of Carpenters' training center in Las Vegas

Critical Industry Connections

Training is part of the story. Networking is the other. Becoming a UBC Pile Driver opens the door to broader industry connections, providing more job opportunities, better benefits, higher pay and career longevity in the field.

UBC Pile Drivers are elite construction professionals who have vital skills to keep North American infrastructure thriving. Because the UBC maintains close relationships with key builders and contractors across various infrastructure industries, UBC Pile Drivers and Divers have a direct line of opportunity with those entities.

UBC Pile Drivers moving steel beams

"I was both pleased and impressed during my recent visit to the Eastern District Pile Driving Center. As the demands of our industry continue to evolve, it is critical that we maintain a productive work force that is current with regard to knowledge of means and methods, equipment, safety, and quality standards. I appreciate the commitment and level of effort that the carpenters are putting into the proper training of current and future employees, in both the carpentry and pile driving trades."

Jeff Rose, VP, South State Inc.

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